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Violet + Sea Mist Bundle
 Our Keratin Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle, sulfate and paraben-free, and helps make the coat look and feel thicker, fuller, and plusher. Keratin also helps strengthen the hair. Repláscents and Grooming Wipes are a great tool to use in between baths, they help neutralize bad odors and replace them with a subtle fragrance. Repláscents offer an alternative to perfume and home sprays, which are not safe for application directly on your dog's coat.  These products can also be applied around the house, on to bedding, and in the car. Isle of Dogs signature Violet + Sea Mist fragrance will keep the coat smelling great.

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Lush Coating Conditioner

Our Lush Coating Conditioner is a rejuvenating protein-based product that helps prevent damage, while still giving fullness and a textured feel to the coat. It was specifically designed to help moisturize and condition without flattening or softening like a regular conditioner. Using this product will help to release dead coat, thus cutting down on shedding post-bath. Lush Coating Conditioner features the Isle of Dogs signature Violet + Sea Mist fragrance. 

Lush Coating Brush Spray

Our Lush Coating Brush Spray was developed to freshen and fluff up the coat. Simply spray on to the coat and brush through to freshen up, re-fluff, or simply to style. This product features the Isle of Dogs signature Violet + Sea Mist fragrance.

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